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Origin House Launches Integrated Cannabis Distribution Platform in California - 'Continuum'

We named Continuum, a California-wide cannabis distributor formed from the merger of RVR and Alta Supply. Origin House, which owns Continuum, saw its stock rise more than 7% following the name’s announcement.

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TechCrunch: LinkedIn acquires employee engagement platform Glint

Glint (named by Operative Words) helps to reduce the expense of recruiting and training new employees. Through employee surveys, Glint uses machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics to measure how employees feel about management, compensation and workplace culture and makes suggestions for how companies can improve.

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Modern Meadow

Fast Company: How Modern Meadow uses biofabrication to create a leatherlike material called Zoa.

On the Zoa t-shirt designed for the MOMA exhibit Is Fashion Modern?

Congratulations to Modern Meadow as a finalist and honorable mention in Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation By Design Awards!

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Streetlane HOMES

Roofstock Acquires Streetlane to Provide Property Management for Institutional Investors
Well, this is a new one: Two Operative Words' clients have merged: Roofstock and Streetlane Homes. Two cool!

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The Verge: Skydio’s AI-powered autonomous R1 drone follows you around in 4K
Operative Words created Skydio's product descriptor, self-flying camera, and named Frontier Edition, Skydio's limited-edition product bundle. 

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The Verge: Intel made smart glasses that look normal
Operative Words named Vaunt, Intel's forthcoming smart glasses.

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rapt studio

Fast Company: The World's Most Innovative Companies (2018)
Operative Words named Rapt Studio, a branding agency specializing in interiors and recognized for “adapting agile engineering design.”

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starry internet

TechCrunch: Starry Internet and Marvell want to bust open the ISP industry
Operative Words named Starry, an innovator in broadband internet.

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Deal struck for Quell pain technology

Quell is a wearable band that relieves chronic pain through electrical stimulation. We named the brand Quell, and created its novel product descriptor, wearable pain relief technology

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Lytro is Positioning Its Light Field Tech as VR’s Master Capture Format

Light field imaging records rays of light, not dots like most cameras. The results are images far more immersive than anything else. Lytro is the world's leading pioneer in light field technology, now creating VR experiences unlike any other. Lytro is another name created by Operative Words.

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Ampleforth protocol and Amples cryptocurrency

Crypto Startup Releases New Stablecoin, Rebrands to Ampleforth

George Orwell’s 1984 character, Ampleforth, refused to revise a poem into Newspeak — as was his job — because it would ruin the poem’s beauty. The limitations of institution-mandated Newspeak are like those of institution-mandated fiat currency. The Ampleforth protocol and the currency Amples, are principled and egalitarian alternatives to fiat currency.

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2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards 

Congratulations to Chemetry, who won the 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Award for their process that eliminates the need for toxic chlorine in the production of plastic.We named Chemetry.

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TechCrunch: Tonal launches at-home digital strength-training system 
Tonal, a strength-training system powered by electromagnetism resistance technology and machine learning, is launching today to let you get ripped and in shape without having to go to the gym. Tonal was named by Operative Words.


Linksys Velop

Forbes: New, Cheaper, Linksys Velop Hits The Market As Apple Exits
Linksys Velop, named by Operative Words, is now the only networking hardware Apple sells at retail besides their own.

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modern meadow

Fast Company: How Modern Meadow Is Fabricating The Animal-Free Leather Of The Future
Operative Words named Zoa, the world's first biofabricated leather by Modern Meadow. 

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modern meadow

CNBC: 29 start-ups that prove Silicon Valley innovation isn't dead
Operative words named Mythic, an AI chip developer, and Zoa, Modern Meadow's biofabricated leather.

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Multichannel News: Bell Canada Picks Plume for Whole-Home WiFi Service
Operative Words named Plume, a company that makes whole-home adaptive wi-fi technology.

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Real Estate Marketplace Roofstock Hits $1 Billion in Transactions & Upsized Series Funding Round to $42 Million

Roofstock is an online marketplace for investing in leased single-family homes. We named it.



Glint's Narrative Intelligence™ Named Top HR Product of the Year

Glint is an AI-powered software platform that helps organizations get immediate insight into employee sentiment and engagement. Glint was named by Operative Words.